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Our Lady of Presentation - Mercy
1677 St. Marks Ave.
Brooklyn, New York 11233

East Brooklyn Congregations (EBC) is a non-partisan organization composed of dues-paying member institutions, including congregations, schools, and homeowners associations. We have deep membership bases in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville/Ocean-Hill, Bushwick, Crown Heights and East New York.

EBC was founded in 1979 in East New York and Brownsville. Over the past several decades our accomplishments include the construction of over 5,000 affordable Nehemiah homes and apartments, the opening of two public high schools, $5 million in park renovations, and countless other neighborhood improvements.

All of these victories were fought for and won by local leaders. Thousands of pastors, homeowners, principals, teachers, congregants, and others took the time to develop relationships, make a plan and take action together. This is what makes EBC unique and powerful.

We are part of the Industrial Areas Foundation, the nation’s first and largest network of multi-faith community organizations. We have seven decades of experience winning tough battles across the nation. Our sister organizations passed the first living wage law in the country in Baltimore, and mobilized a grassroots uprising for the creation of universal health care in Massachusetts—both of which have become national models for just social policy.

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